Thursday, 12 March 2015

Oh - my - the train stopped for awhile.

Hi to the bloging world out there

Where did the last 18 months ago! let alone hours, days, and weeks. A lesson in as soon as you stop doing something it just drifts away and then you remember that use to be fun, I must start to do that again.  Then wham another few months go by, caught up in what every you are doing at the time, and you think and then say I must do this or that, then the next thing comes along and wow another few months have gone by.

So I say stop, get off the train,   I missed a few stations along the way, and I still did journaling now and again every time I managed an hour or so off the train, Then all too soon the next train came along and even with out a pre paid ticket, I found myself on it again!

Then sometimes when I had a few free moments and I would blog hop and notice many people do the same, blog for awhile then months later drift back (more than likely on their own life train), so one does not feel so bad that's just life and realise its ok to miss bloging for awhile after all, its just for me, Then if someone comes along and looks, its hi there and thanks for visiting, and even just leave a comment to say you care! The stats say  along with the search engines a few people visit every month from all over the world.

So a few pictures of what's in the book.  No descriptions of how or products used just enjoy.  If you did want to know, just leave a comment and ask.

Enjoy life, its the only one you have.


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