Thursday, 19 March 2015

Note to self - she did it her way.

This is the project I did for the Dreamweaver instructor course. Found it the other day while looking for something else and thought about time to up load.

Journal Page – mixed media
Note to Self – She did it her way.

List of Supplies
Dreamweaver stencils LG 709, LJ 900, LJ 855
Dreamweaver Embossing Paste – pearlescent, matte black, crackle
Tape – any it is just to mask stencil bits you do not want to use.
Journal or blank white sheet of heavy paper/card
Dylusions – ink sprays – any colours you like, pick at least 3 (plus any other sprays from your stash, any that are permanent will not allow the colours to mix later).
Self adhesive gems
Glitter glue – any brand
Glitter spray
Green paint – any brand
White gel pen
Chip board butterfly – from stash, or you can choose anything that needs using!!!
Paint brush.
Palette knife
Dark pigment ink pad – I used Versafine Olympic green
Letter stamps, we have a number of individual letter stamp sets, so we can write any word etc.
Time – its an all day project due to drying different layers. I did mine over a couple of afternoons.

Lets start by saying, there is no correct way to do this page and every time it will turn out different.  Also those nicely thought out methods normally shown in classes to make Sharpe Clear Embossed images did not apply to this journal page it was all ad hock. The method here is commonly known as mixed media, all it means is you use lots of different product out of you craft stash and have lots of fun.

Layer 1.
Putting down a base colour, just spray the Dylusions ink on the page, spay lighter colours first.  I pressed the first layer in by putting paper over the top and a quick rub.

Layer 2.
Take stencil 855, spray through this with the Dylusions ink, being careful not to crate to many edge lines, I held it flat and then up for some sprays just above the page, to use up the spare ink left on the stencil I turned it over a couple of times and just pressed to page, the other times I pressed to another journal page for a future project. 
Leaver for a few minutes for inks to soak in and dry a little.  We call it cup of tea time.  At this point you can use a heat gun it you do not need the tea etc.

Layer 3
Take stencil LJ900, pearlescent embossing paste and palette knife.
Place stencil on top of page, put paste on to back of knife, hold stencil down with fingers and swipe paste across stencil, holding knife at slight angle, go over again if missed a bit, but do not over work it, you do not want the paste going under, put down knife and carefully take up stencil.
If worried about the fact that you have not taped the stencil down, practice on spare paper, or go for the low tack tape option one hinge should be enough.
Repeat several times to give a top boarder of sweeping branches etc.
Tip - Remember to place stencil in water or wash immediately.
Out of experience we know if the pearlescent paste is left to dry it will take the colour of the Dylusions ink under it, but I wanted to give the branches a uniformed colour so I spayed lightly the Dylusions purple ink over the paste, and let it dry.  Was rather pleased with the effect.

Layer 4.
Taking stencil LG 709 mask off with tape, just leaving the flower. With black embossing paste emboss the flower several times on the page, its up to you where.  Again I used the just hold it down method, but did need to watch the back of the flower for excess paste. I was embracing imperfection but still wanted some of the flower middle definition. While the paste is drying wash stencil, taking tape off, dry and re mask ready to use again.

Layer 5.
This is the bit where you go to your stash and find a few bits to put on the page.
I used a chipboard butterfly, sprayed it with Dylusions ink and was then going to put Glossy Accents on it, but that meant going to find a new bottle, so instead found the gold glitter spray.   At this point I also pulled out the glitter glue and gems that I put on the branches at the top to use later in Layer 7.

Layer 6.
Taking up stencil LG 709 again and crackle paste, I lined up the flower on top of the dry black paste and put a very thin layer of white crackle embossing paste over them all.  Then again left to dry.
Tip do this bit before the glitter glue. 
Again do not forget to wash stencil etc and I used the just hold it down method.
Much to my surprise the Dylusions ink lifted through the crackle paste (and the already dry black paste), so instead of the intended stylish white on black effect flowers, each was now different coloured and unique.  So with a little more embracing imperfection, I now love the effect!  Although not the expected one planned in my head.  Have fun in finding out how yours go. 
To be honest after the colour started to lift, I was not sure it would crackle, but it did, just showing the quality of the product.

Layer 7
The finishing touches.  Green paint for the stems, I used a couple of shades, but yours can be any colour I almost made mine with string or ribbon, but decided I wanted the flower to be raised and not the stems. The white gel pen was used on the stems once they were dried. I attached the butterfly after moving it around the page several times, then added some words.  All my pages in this journal start with Note to Self, and ‘She did it her way’ as it was not the most conventional method of good practice in applying embossing paste via stencil to page etc.  I darkened the edge of page with same ink pad as the letter stamping and some of the green paint left on the brush. Added the gems and glitter glue. Then waited for it all to dry again!
After looking at it for awhile, decided time to walk away, the page was enough.  Its so tempting to just keep adding.

Time taken on the page about 2 hours at most, plus lots and lots of drying time.


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