Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Note to Self Journal - If you don't like it!

Note to Self - If you don't like it, change it!
Journal Page

Those of you that have read my last blog post, know that I did not like one of my tags, but I finished it and than grew to - well not quite love it buts its ok.

So it had me thinking there was the next page of my Note to Self Journal, laying there not finished because to put it politely just did not inspire me to finish it!
It was going to be for the Rangers Blog seasonal challenge but this is how far it stayed for weeks now.

A background of distress paint!
In the required colours for the challenge at the time.

Well it was time to make it better!
So I started by white washing it with a thin layer of Gesso then wiping most of it off.

Then choose to put pink on with masks.

Then I had an idea  to use my tag on it. The one that was not me favourite, but is growing on me.
 So now the pink is the wrong colour.
Out comes the white washing process again.
Off for a tea break while it dries, I know could use heat gun, but then one needs the time to think what next.

Out comes the washi tape, determined to use it on the page!
Then hold up the tag, out comes the Fired Brick Distress Paint along with the Picket Fence.
That's red and white to those of you that do not have the distress line of products.
Any paint will do, but I am beginning to like the Distress Paint lots, and it matched the tag.
Fish the masks out of the water bath.
(I leave a bowl of water by the side so masks etc. can go straight in then clean them all at the end)

Use the paint on the mask flipped over to give different look, and not waste the paint.

I say wow to myself I rather like that now.

Then I add the tag (see previous blog of how to), then the tape, do the edges and tape with distress ink to blend them in to the background

The words come easily, written in ink with the dropper of the bottle. Did try paint brush but it was too thin a line.  
It took hours to dry!
I also covered it in spots with drips from same ink. Try to add purple to match the tag edge.
The ribbon I just put a little doubled sided glue tape to keep them in place

I have to say it looks better in real life.
The large size journal (A3) is fun to work with.

Now while blog hopping the other day I noticed the Artful Times Challenge was Blooming Marvellous. So I think well it has lots of flowers so why not even if it is a journal page again and you could argue its not 100% new. But it did give me a reason to upload the page.
Between Tally and Me we have lots of projects that never make the blog just because we are off doing something else instead.  Maybe there is a future Note to Self idea there lol.

All the details of the Artful Times Challenge can be found at the link below.

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  1. Well I think it looks wonderful in miniature as well (am on holiday so viewing on an iPad). What a well saved piece, all the wiping back has paid off as you have got a terrific piece of artwork there.
    Thanks for joining us at Artful Times.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. What a neat turn around for something you didn't like :)
    Thank you for sharing with us at Artful Times
    Von ☺

  3. Thats lovely, I really enjoyed the way you wrote that post and I felt as if I was on your shoulder watching what was happening. It turned out so well Cx

  4. How very clever of you to keep trying until you made something that looked so pretty! Anne x

  5. I enjoyed reading how you changed a page you didn't like into one you did. Nice result in the end.


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