Saturday, 13 April 2013

Double Digits - another Birthday card required.

So how did my little girl.

Go from this!

To this, quite so quickly.

Happy Birthday.

We were on holiday this year for Tally's Birthday.  
Of course I was not organised to make a card before we went.  
Small problem on skiing holidays art supplies are at a minimum to keep in baggage allowance!
The Birthday was just the day after arriving at resort, it had to be a quick make.
So above is my fast improvised card,
Wherever you travel there are normally local papers, magazines, tourist information, the main picture here is taken from a magazine picked up at the airport.
I love the way the squirrel's tail popped out behind the tree, but to keep tail in it left a lot of tree.
The embellishment is cut from same magazine made in snowflake petals, the greeting made from letters taken again from magazine.
The only items from my supplies were the black card, pens for boarder, 4 buttons and glue stick.

Another quick card!

Oh My! did the last two weeks go by so quick, but the proudest bit was watching the girls skate their socks off in Belgium, (yep it was 3 days in Belgium back a day then Skiing) coming a well deserved 3rd.
No more competitions till October, its re-organise of teams, music and routine; they are starting a new younger team, so Tally is excited to be in that, easier on the arms! or maybe not she is still an Alternate for the other team!  We tell her the arm problem can be solved by growing, she tells us she would then need a new set of cloths.

So enough rambling its back to work, and to find a bit of time for crafting.


Note The last two photos of Tally are from Darcy/Bev - Thanks

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