Monday, 29 April 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - April

Now this month, I said to myself, I think I should try to make my tag a little more like the 'Inspirational one' Tim Holtz gives to the world at the beginning of each month.  Press here to see his April tag.

How wrong can a girl be, but I had fun and it does have a version of a dragonfly!

With modelling film on the reeds.

and modelling film on the dragonfly.

Then I took it off again.  
It stayed off but I like the reeds, so the frog can hide.  One of Tally's additions

The dragonfly is made from wood sheet, sprayed with Dylusion spays, taken from the stash, put there a couple of months ago after an afternoon of just playing. The dragonfly I drew first on paper and then used as a template to cut the wood shape.

I had put it through an embossing folder as well, you can just see the pattern in the wing.

The tag was made from the other half of this sheet of paper, I think it is a Graphic 45 (will check and update)

I painted it with Distress Paint, was amazed how much of the background you could still see, just what I was hoping for!

This is how it stayed for about 15 days lol
How life can get in the way of making art/crafting

Finally I drew the reeds and had the debate to colour or not.
Walk away is best solution, made a cup of tea etc, etc even eat cake or a banana.

close up of the reeds.

Yep they were coloured, with gel pen as I wanted it semi see through.

Then added the film on top, again reeds drawn on it to add another layer this time using Promarkers.  
Close up of frog. Tally hopes he made you smile.
He is not stuck in so he might end up on something else, but he is safe hiding in the reeds.

The words
Embrace Change  (at the top)
Bottom of the pond to soaring high. (I know its spelt wrong)

I typed and printed it in a hurry and been looking at all day, still didn't see until stuck it on lol!
The embrace change, I put on the wrong way round as well, it will always make me smile, 
I think embrace imperfection just says it all.

Now you might of realized we spend much of our time, down at the canal basin, just by the dry dock wall is a small wild flower growing, no not just any weed, but a 

a seed just blown in by the wind.

as you can see above shortly to be joined by a dandelion.

Sorry the picture quality is not so good, all those middles are that beautiful yellow. 
And petals all blue.

Happy crafting and thank you for reading to the end of the post.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Note to Self - 'When flowers are tall.......'

Note to Self - Journal Page
'When flower are tall and seeds are small
When you plant them in your heart
Your adventure will start'
Tally Grange - march 2013
This is the quote from my amazing daughter, who had to help me find the words for my
'note to self' journal.  After we had done several drafts, I asked her to write it for me, which she did with laughter in the ink.
I have no pictures of the beginning of this page, I was happy spraying, mask layering, and generally having a fun and relaxing time.
At tea break I remembered the camera.

The sunflowers are hand drawn, and painted with Distress Paint, then the petals out lined with a fine black marker pen. The stems made with ribbon and green paper.
The tag for quote was the mopping up of paint from the flowers and Distress Ink

I noticed the other day a challenge on the Artful Times blog site, their challenge 27 was stencils and/or masks, so this journal page fits perfectly.  Full information of the challenge can be found here.
It gave me the reason to upload and share.
The Inspirational Journal are also having a challenge on the same theme (see here) masks and stencils, so I have entered the project there as well.
Next I was blog hopping, and hopped over to Simon Says Stamp and Show, their challenge this week is colour, as the page is colourful I figured I could share there too. Details here
I just impressed myself one journal page 3 challenges lol! 
Happy Crafting.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Double Digits - another Birthday card required.

So how did my little girl.

Go from this!

To this, quite so quickly.

Happy Birthday.

We were on holiday this year for Tally's Birthday.  
Of course I was not organised to make a card before we went.  
Small problem on skiing holidays art supplies are at a minimum to keep in baggage allowance!
The Birthday was just the day after arriving at resort, it had to be a quick make.
So above is my fast improvised card,
Wherever you travel there are normally local papers, magazines, tourist information, the main picture here is taken from a magazine picked up at the airport.
I love the way the squirrel's tail popped out behind the tree, but to keep tail in it left a lot of tree.
The embellishment is cut from same magazine made in snowflake petals, the greeting made from letters taken again from magazine.
The only items from my supplies were the black card, pens for boarder, 4 buttons and glue stick.

Another quick card!

Oh My! did the last two weeks go by so quick, but the proudest bit was watching the girls skate their socks off in Belgium, (yep it was 3 days in Belgium back a day then Skiing) coming a well deserved 3rd.
No more competitions till October, its re-organise of teams, music and routine; they are starting a new younger team, so Tally is excited to be in that, easier on the arms! or maybe not she is still an Alternate for the other team!  We tell her the arm problem can be solved by growing, she tells us she would then need a new set of cloths.

So enough rambling its back to work, and to find a bit of time for crafting.


Note The last two photos of Tally are from Darcy/Bev - Thanks