Thursday, 21 March 2013

Note to self - Journal

Note to self. 
More walks on the sand.

Well Tim Holtz, has causes a small arty/crafty frenzy, his latest blog challenge was to use the/his Tattered Floral Die, that's it no other rule use any product, any style etc etc.  All you need to do is press here to view the creative madness (well its is March and has anyone seen Horrace recently?).  As the norm, I left doing my entry to not quite the last minute but close, and I always try not to look what others have created, but this time I did and as I pride myself in trying not to do similar to others it left me with a large problem.  As I said you just have to see it to believe it, how was I going to achieve the being different bit.

I thought and thought, then left the building.  Monday idea hits, the second page on my large journal was calling. A couple of days later the above arrives, as normal photo does not do it justice.

The journal now has a theme  'Note to Self'

The first note was to 'Take more walks on the beach'.  One of me favourite places.  Tally having had the weekend skating.  In case your interested, they went up a category so instead of winning came 6th, but they skated fantastic and more determined to improve, and generally had a great time. Now she is in Whitby on a school residential, which gave me the beach idea as that is where I would also like to be.

For those that are interested here's the how I did it bit!

First take blank page and look at it for a while, already had idea, so cut a mask from the die.  This was not as easy as first thought.  Finding the correct plates, to paper thickness, to die.  Finally achieved. Had mask and blank flowers.  I  have a couple of cheap books from charity shop of lots of colour pictures of Britain in it etc.  Tore out a few pages of beach/sea and carefully put them through the die.

Next I used the mask to put distress paint on the page, the colours still a little random at this point.  Time to go home.  Next morning instead of the list of jobs that should have been done the page had a little slot. Next  I Dylusion sprayed it, but now I wanted to make it look like, beach, sea, and sky.  Which I think I did!

At home in the evening, I looked out on our last Florida Holiday photos and found as many beach pictures as I could.  I like sunsets by the way, I like to walk on the beach, but not sit all day in the sun, so try to arrange it that  we visit towards the end of the day, after another visit to somewhere. Fantastic end to a day.

So while the ink dried on the page.  I image transferred some of the pictures on to the flowers that I had cut.

There are lots of techniques out there to try, but this is the one I used this time, put multi medium on picture, place on flower, rub slow and hard with bone folder (spoon, knife etc), the posh word I think is to burnish it,  leave it just long enough but not too long and gentle pull the paper off.  Keep fingers crossed. The ink should have transferred itself to paper.  Remember it is meant to look distressed.  Leave to dry, then wet a little and rub off any left over paper. I use normal copy paper and ink jet printer.

paint on thickish layer

thought I would show the waste

Now while ink and multi medium dries, its off to do a few of the jobs on the to do list.

Later it is back to the fun bit, and after awhile I forget exactly what I did.  In no particular order, I lifted some of the ink off with water and misted Dylusion white ink via the mask, I did use a medium card for the mask so it stood up to the job, but was a little damp towards the end.

Horrace (the mad hare see last post) visited looking for his moustaches.  I then stamped a little, added circles and general played.  I also put some gloss medium on a couple of the photos to see what it did.  Well another day over.


Can you see Horrace?

Work in progress resumed today, I set too, laying out a mix of photos and the cut pictures, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc attempts far to busy.  Georgie says 'more is less'  or is it 'less is more'.

Attempt 1

All the bits not used! 
Have an idea to use them.

Sometime later this was the finished result.

I know its upside down, will put it right soon but until then enjoy my world of imperfection.

Note to self  - it is time for bed.

Thanks for reading down to here, and remember if you see Horrace (or his Moustaches) remind him March is nearly over and spring has just arrived.  Spring !!!! Its not really going to snow today, is it? - it just went past midnight, its now the 21st, lol!  Which means you might just have 2 days left to join in Tim's Challenge, if not it is well worth looking at all the talent displayed over on his site.

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  1. I love how you used the mask and the photo images on the flowers look beautiful. What a creative journal page for the challenge!


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