Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A little piece of spring

Over on the Ranger Blog they have given a seasonal colour challenge, they give the colours and product suggestion, we get a little inspiration.  Just press here to have a look for yourself.  (the website is full of great ideas, but do not forget to finish reading here first. lol)

The first thing to do was to go to stash and work out what I had to match their scheme of colours, the debate was the shades of green so in the end I decided artistic licence was allowed, I used a mix of greens as close as possible to the picture.

Next what to do.  I have had this A3 journal purchased in November 2012 still sitting in its wrapper. First page always the hardest.

So we now have a journal, with a mix of ocean blue, mustard seed/yellow, purple and green products sitting on the desk.

I know start with a mask, and from small beginnings, one largish journal page appears, I am not sure that it is finished, in months to come I might just find a few words to put on it, but for now it will make me smile every time I open the first page.

Unfortunately I never manage to take a photo that shows the project at its best, but hopefully you can see the layers.  A few close ups in attempt that you can see the shiny bits.

The second picture is one I took again in natural light, much better colours

For those of you who would like to see how I built up the layers read on I will try not to send you all to sleep.

Georgie and I have been joking about me never finishing my many (that's a lot) backgrounds. If it's not work its helping Tally that come first (my excuse and I am sticking to it)

Step 1
Take mask and distress paints.
None of this page was planned it just grew.

Dab over mask, then reverse it to use the paint on the other side, repeat several times.
 Blue on top green on bottom, idea beginning to form.
From a high height I sprites a mist of water, it helps to soften the lines. 
Its amazing what these paints do, more of that in another post. 

Step 2
Dylusion Sprays
One shade of blue, 2 of green

now I have sky and grass
With small circle mask I went all over page and lifted colour with water, this also helped to take colour off the paint.
I then waited till it had dried off.

I sprayed purple and yellow Dylusions ink on craft mat.
(sorry do not have bottles here to give them their correct names)
Using 3 different butterfly stamps I stamped at  random.

Step 3
Branch Mask, put on using distress inks, in different greens, peeled paint etc.
Broken china for the birds, in several places, 

Which you can only just see here, but not on the finished page.
I know they are there.

Step 4
Using flower stamp (I call it the cow parsley stamp, I have put a picture of it at the bottom)
I stamped all over the green, in shades of green Distress Ink

I know picture on its side makes it more interesting!

Step 6

Walk away go and have a cup to tea, nights sleep etc, etc,

Step 7

New day new idea.
Using a few Donna Downey stamps that have been in the draw too long and not used I stamped out out several times with the Distress Paint, I used a fairly heavy weight card stock.
Then while waiting for them to dry.

I also stamped them on the page, the flowers with Distress Paint, the leaves with Distress ink, and black ink.

Step 8

No pictures,
Stamp out lots of the butterflies, same stamps as in step 2
Colour in using pencil front and back.
I used colours from the main page.
Cut out
Clear heat emboss

The yellow bird is hand drawn, I have a bird book to copy shape, I can then draw it to required size and colour as I want.

Step 9

Again no photo of the action.
Cut around flowers and leaves.
I then did the edges with Distress ink, fantastic it all matches.
I personal do not like to see the white where I have cut.
Paint the middles with yellow Distress Paint.
Layer on the page.
Add gem to centre of flower, I like bling.
Add leaves to top, used a white pen to add to the leaves.
Add butterflies.
Add bird, I know he only has one leg.

One finished page.
As Georgie said 'No Words!' 

A few pictures of most of the product I used, saves me listing it.

Thanks for reading to the bottom.
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Happy crafting


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  1. Lovely entry for the Ranger challenge, it was the first to catch my eye from all the entries so far. BJ


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