Monday, 28 January 2013

Funky Flower Collage

Well as January draws to a close, I thought I would take a little time out from, gathering pictures to up load to the e-commerce site, (its almost there), and doing the craft stand at Don Valley Stadium and the million and one other jobs we do in life, to show and tell an on going project.

As birthday and Christmas presents to me, I enrolled on the Brave Girl on line art courses.  Which are great fun and although I paint away, I never get round to blogging any.  Here is one of the funky flower collage I keep adding too.

The background was one of those canvas I just covered in left over paint and been around a while.

The flowers, made from, paper, wall paper and material.  (I keep a lot of old cloths especially Tally's as she grows out of them)
I Mod Podged then down, with beads and buttons etc.

Then I painted some of the flowers, the grass is just a mix of all sorts of green paints. 
The stalks are different colour  ribbons.  Some of which I had to buy as I didn't have enough different colours.
Now it sits for awhile until I think of some words to put on it.

Happy crafting.

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