Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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As I normally start - where did the last couple of weeks vanish too.

It was finally time for us to visit the Paralympics for a couple of days last week. The complex and sport was amazing, I have not yet downloaded the photos from the camera yet, but its one of those places you could not have missed recently if you live in the UK.  Saw the closing ceremony on TV, it was worth watching just to admire the steam punk props.  It gave me a lot of great crafting ideas.  If you didn't see it I am sure there will be clips of it on u-tube.  I have been one of those people who looked forward to our Olympic summer and it did not disappoint.  Only now Tally wants to join an athletics club! She is starting with doing a cross country race next weekend.

Last weekend saw not only a busy time for boat trips, we also had a stall at the Local Don Valley Stadium craft show.  Not the busiest show we have sold at, but plenty of time to chat to both new and old customers.

This week we have been proofing the front page of the craft shops new website.  Its looking good, thanks to Sue's amazing design skills.

Since it has made it to bed time far to quickly today I will leave you with one of my journal pages.

The background is sprayed with inks, on one of those days when I just sprayed lots of pages, colours and brands at random (including the Dylusions range). I used a cog mask on this one, again I just pick them out at random.  I chose a set of stamps out of the stash (again with not too much thought) and stamped away. I drew on the dots, flowers and butterflies.  As ever it looks very different up close.  I like this one a lot.

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