Thursday, 9 August 2012

Busker Boat Aug 2012

Its safe to say summer is our busiest time on the boat trips (December is a very close second). this week has lived up to expectations.  This past weekend we had great fun running 'The Busker Boat' part of the Sheftival Festival at Don Valley Stadium (Sheffield), part of the cities Olympic celebrations,  While Tally tried out lots of different sports (for free) we sailed up and around from the moorings at Don Valley to the locks, every hour welcoming one or 2 bands on each cruise. We thank Lee for somehow getting them all to the boat more or less on time with all there equipment, not forgetting his amazing team of volunteers and Alex the sound man.  Below are just a few of the 100 plus photos we took of the weekend.  Hope they do it again next year.

Sorry I can not put names to all the bands, but will attempt to go back in and name a few,

It is amazing how much talent there is in the world.
Tally joined us for a few of the cruises, she now fancies learning how to play the SAW (forget the violin).

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