Thursday, 9 August 2012

A little water colour

Georgie and I had booked on to a water colour painting intro lesson (a living social offer) from one of our local Artists.  I use water colours a lot on my journal pages, but never really learned the theory behind it, I just mix them up with lots of other media.

The 2 and a half hour lesson was not really long enough but it gave a taste, need to put time aside to do a long course.  The slight problem was, it was the Monday evening after the Busker Boat weekend, so after shaking our tail feathers alittle, we just managed to stay a wake for the theory bit, to enjoy the painting.

My attempt, using the style, of I cannot remember who he said. (I did say I was half a sleep) when I remember I will edit the post.


Thought I would show a few of the backgrounds we did a few weeks ago.

Finally got the Dylusion sprays in stock at the shop, so we just had a good time spraying journal pages, some with new stock and a mixture of old 

This one is 'not all that wander are lost.


This one I doodled while Tally was ice skating on a club session.

These ones waiting for a little attention.

Tally did one the same blue/green colour, in an attempt to represent the Northern Lights, will get her to put her finished page on her Blog.

This one is done with acrylic paints.

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Happy crafting. 

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