Saturday, 25 August 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - Tim Holtz

I have now had the August Tag finished for almost a week, I thought it was about time I gave it a slot to upload, like most of you, we try to make time for a little art and crafts everyday, but I never manage to upload to the blog!

This month Tim Holtz did his tag based on a silhouette details can be found here if you want to play along. As normal lots of ideas run through the brain, and we finally end up with the Cricut Machine out, after lots of different images had been cut here is my version of the theme.  I will just add first the hardest bit was trying to explain to Tally what a silhouette is.  Her tag when it is finished will have a great twist and she is now even better at operating the Cricut machine.

I like using bits from the stash so just picked a couple of odd cuts of paper, cut the out the frame using a die and then put it through an embossing folder.  Next I wanted the notes to stand out a bit so I embossed with a black powder.  Then I needed to hide the pink pattern so out came the distress inks. The sax player was cut out in blue, so I went for blue tones, little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I left the background as the original pink paper.

Next, what to put on the side, flowers just didn't look right, so I went back to one of my earlier ideas, took the butterflies cut in a plain grey paper, (will now have to cut some more as I want to use them on another project).

The butterflies then had the distress ink  process, colour added at random from the seasonal range, I had already run them through an embossing folder.  As I am a glitter/gloss girl at heart, they looked a bit flat, so I heat embossed them with clear powder, then did the same to the sax man, he ended up with about three layers on him.

Still not in balance so used the saxophones I had cut out again for a different idea, given the same treatment (a little distress ink and heat embossed in clear). The butterflies and sax I just stapled on, quick and easy.  I do not mind if you can see them, they just become part of the style.

After leaving it for a day added the glass beads, after another day added the beads to the ribbon. Then said to myself time to leave it and walk away (still couldn't decide if to put on words). Another day later still no words and its now up loaded.

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