Wednesday, 11 July 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - July

Had lots of fun recently making backgrounds in the journal, we have been spraying inks, including the Dylusion range, which is now in the shop (forgot to take pictures before I downloaded the July tag, so will put it on the list to do).  At the same time I have managed to finish the July tag for Tim Holtz challenge, this month it was using Alcohol inks.

Tim's take was a 4th July celebration (click here to take a look), seeing as its not a festival day in the UK!, I tried to think of a suitable theme none of our saint days fall in July, nor world peace day, so settled on the Olympics.

We went to see the Olympic Torch as it passed through Sheffield.  The first day it was far too crowded to see it close up, so we rose early the next morning to see it as it left the city, which was an inspiration to watch. Tally at school has had an Olympic year including a whole school concert year 3 to 13 were involved based around the Olympic ideals, one of the other students had run with the torch so they had an Olympic Torch part of the concert. So taking on my studies from uni days when we studies the Olympic movement I tried to represent its ideals in words, written on glossy paper with the same colours on it as the rings.  I have not used the Olympic rings, didn't want to be involved in copy write protection so have used just colours and cog stamps.  Looking around for some embellishments, I found lots of free leaflets that I cut up, and a London 2012 keyring bargain at £3 to I could use the mascots Wenlock and  Mandeville.  Go on to the London 2012 website (or youtube) to see the films with the mascots in, if you need an excuse sit with a child and watch. It gives the mascots a story that allows you to believe in them.  You can tell I am one of the people who believe in the Olympic Ideal, looking beyond the commercialism it is still amazing that so many countries can come together in peace.  The torch was borrowed from Tally is was her memory from when it visited the city, the words 'in dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own', was from on of Tim's stamp collections.

The most fun bit was the playing with the Alcohol ink, compressed air can and straw, resulting in lots of giggles and a pile of discarded experiments to use on other projects.

If you mange to catch Olympic fever, there is still tickets available for the Paralympics (starting at £10, discount for children and seniors) we have just managed to get a motel for a very very reasonable rate with  free parking, 4 tube stops from the Olympic village, couldn't believe our luck, it was one of Tally's request for what to do in the school holidays.

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  1. Hi Dorrie - I loved reading your post about the Olympic ideals. Your idea to use the splatters as a nod to the Olympic rings is inspired - love it x


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