Friday, 27 April 2012

Watercolour Fun.

Wow where did the last 3 weeks go, I think some one pressed the fast forward button with out me noticing.

Mid April was spent in Finland skiing in Levi, with plenty of time to ski and arty crafty time.

With an amazing weight restriction as we take our own skis and boots etc, it allows little weight left for the craft supplies, however we managed with watercolours, (I love my H2O's) a little paper, a journal and few other bits and pieces.  I have still not taken pictures of all that we did, mostly background pages to use at a latter date.  The glue stick was almost run out, so not much sticking went on.

First I am going to start with the snow art, Tally will put a few more pictures on her blog over the weekend as she and Paul did most of the work, my attempts kept being re-formed.  I have to say this is a family tradition it is normally snow bears, but this year its, drum roll needed.  

Snoopy and Woodstock!
I am sure we are ok with copy rights or we can re-name them.

Since we used mainly water colours on our indoor art I thought I would enter this journal page for the this months challenge at, which funny enough is 

Water Colours

The only bit not done using water colours is the seeds and a little detail on the leaves, I used a white and black pen.

One day I might find a quote to put on, but I like the page as it is.  
As normal with my picture taking it does not show the glimmer of the H2O paints.
The seeds show up a lot more as you move the page in the light.

The background was done by wetting the page slightly, then put on lots of colours of paint then spaying with enough water to start the colours blending into each other.
It takes a while for the page to dry before the next layer can be added.  Remember with watercolours when you put one colour on top of another if it is too wet it will blend and change colour.

Once Dry I layered on the patterns in no particular order, Tally and I then painted on letters, words and numbers.  Then again let it dry.

Lastly I painted on the flowers, its what we call a Puff Ball.  The green stalk I just played and layered lots of different colours of greens to give the shading.

Simple but hope you like.

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