Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Another Quick Card

Life has been a little busy over the last week, the summer weather bring everyone out to the bar combined with a good number of passenger cruises.  I still try to find a little time for art by sketching in the journal, good for the soul but not to interesting to the masses.  The return of winter allows time to catch up on jobs.

Birthdays are always an opportunity to play and produce an item that is worth a show and tell, as normal I leave it to the last moment.  So into the supply boxes we go, the only request was having a cat on it.

A couple of hours later this appeared. Tally loved it.

Kept the design very simple.  The flags put on to wire so could put the beads on as well, then raised them up with foam pads, the most difficult bit was taking the flags off again as I put them on what I wanted as the bottom.  The stamp is from Little Claire, the cat was done on card stock and then stuck on, the puff ball flower I adapted from the stamp but hand drew and added a little so the floating seeds went on the bottom as well.

We had a great birthday day yesterday.  Tally went skating in the morning then played craft most of the afternoon with a friend. As children do they took out too much paint, so Georgie and I used it up on a couple of canvases to make a background texture, be interesting to see how these change!

Looks better in real life, having a very high giggle and feel good factor.

The next best bit of the day was the element of surprise when Tally read on the Tim Holtz blog that her tag had been selected for a prize.  We waited till yesterday to encourage her to see what the April challenge was as we all wanted to see her reaction, this was the first time we were all together with suitable opportunity to capture the moment.

Its even more surprising how many people have been to visit her blog, we set it up with us as content managers to help her learn along with us on blogging skills and she wanted somewhere to show her art.  Its amazing how a few kind words in the comment box made her day.   

So if you happen to hop along to read this have a happy arty crafty day.

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