Saturday, 25 February 2012

CHSI - Craft Hobby & Stitch International

I cannot believe how fast the week has gone since we returned from the CHSI show in Birmingham commonly known as Stitches, as promised a few photos.  When I look back at them to those not there it looks like lots of stands of amazing craft stuff and lots of people.  It does give the retailer a first look at some of the amazing new lines coming out (and to pre order) to stimulate those arty crafty ideas, meet new and old friends and discover a few new products and suppliers.

I have selected a few from the hundred or so I snapped to hopefully give you a taste of the show but not bore you too much.  Forgive the ones on the side, I will workout how to put them the right way up, I will have to do it before I upload to Blogger, just goes to show I am happy to get it wrong, but life is too short to spend hours trying to correct it when in the great scheme of things I could spend the time playing arty crafty stuff.

The day start off with clearing the car from its frozen snow covering. (did the same last year)

Although we hadn't pre booked we managed to get into one of the early workshops where someone had not turned up, thank you to them, had lots of funny and painty fingers all day.

A little glue

Most to these you can tell what they are so as I am running out of time I will cut the comments short.

Tim Holtz demoing.

Dyan Reaveley demoing. love the colours of her new inks.



That's it for today, first to wake the little one up it is Saturday, so it must be dancing, once she is dropped off its off to work for us, we have an early cruise (the other side of the business).  At the moment the sun is shinning and the sky is blue.  Have a great day.

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