Friday, 28 December 2012

12 tags of 2012 - December

Holiday greetings to you all.

I know a little late, but that is just how December goes around here. One moment its the 1st then before you know it, the New Year is just round the corner!

Here are the final 2 tags for the Tim Holtz Challenge, full details can be found here

As normal I started out with the intention of doing similar techniques, but I think the only thing they have in common is that they are seasonal.

 Tag 1
Christmas Robin

The Tag background is the copper Metallic Distress Stains.
I then stamped the 'Christmas Robin' (Inca Stamp) on it with Distress Ink, and coloured in with Distress Pens.  The Metallic Strains, seem to absorb the colour and give it a metallic glow.  
This is how the tag stayed  for 3 weeks, as its all hands to deck during December at work. Not to mention the hours spent at the ice rink for Tally's rehearsals for the show and then the show itself.
This week I added the red background paper from the stash, made an embellishment from a left over bit, added a holly button. I then added a little Glossy Accents on the berries and the embellishment.
Then walked away before I spoilt it.

Tag 2
Little Wishes

As many of you will know that when you have a young child, the conversation around December goes what would you like for Christmas?
Tally's answer - A Chocolate Orange.
(This was the answer any time anyone asked her.)

My, how easy Santa found to grant this request, and how it was enjoyed!

It was also the first year that she enjoyed helping plan Christmas day, including choosing the crackers.

So Tag number 2 has very little technique. All I did was Distress ink the background, then used the packaging from one of the crackers and the chocolate orange box, then layered them up.

I am going to use it on a scrapbook page, to remind me of how simple wishes, can be such fun, and do not need to cost a lot.

Thank you visiting, Happy crafting.


Friday, 30 November 2012

12 Tags 2012 November

Well today is the day for speed blogging.

Here is my November tag for the Tim Holtz 12 Tags for 2012 challenge.

November is a time for reflection, Thanks Giving, Harvest festivals and in the UK remembrance for all of those that lost their lives to protect the freedom of other.  Its not anything like it was set out to be, having had out all our poppy stamps and masks in the end I just drew with embossing pen, embossed and later took off as Tim did, the background is Distress Ink/pens, a couple of stamps to create the background . One very simple tag.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - October.

Our thoughts go out to all of those effected by Storm Sandy. Hope your world gets back to normal quickly.


Happy Halloween.

Not that we make a huge fuss of the date.

Below is my take on the Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2012 Challange, full details can be found here.

Both Tally and I used a Stampendous Stamp, we do not have a great stash of Halloween items.

I wanted to make my tag quickly so used distress ink on the back ground as it was close to hand.  The numbers I just cut out of card along with the large pumpkins.  The little pumpkins, bats etc are cheap table confetti.  The cat I used Gloss Accents and glitter was Stickles.  Liked the idea of making own colour of glitter but I had just the colour needed in the Stickles.

The screen on the computer has gone a big bit fuzzy, I expect it is telling us it is over used and nearing retirement, but while it keeps going, it is being used! Only problem I have no idea the quality of the pictures they looked OK on the camera. so I apologise if they are not.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - September

3 Wise owls.

I know, my tag only has one!

But by tomorrow evening there will be at least 3 owls uploaded to Tims blog site.  I try not to look until I have finished mine, then go and admire the amazing art week. I will go in and link to the other wise owls as they are uploaded

The newish Stampendous Steampunk Owl arrived in store recently, we all (Dorrie, Georgie and Tally) decided that it was the stamp to use for this months project. It is fantastic now people can start with the same basic supplies and they will always turn out different.

Tim Holtz used a metal background this month, press here to see the details.

I patch worked the metal, added colour with alcohol inks

Mr Owl was stamped, heat embossed and coloured with Pro-Markers

Found a few plastic embellishments in the draw (recycled table confetti we have lots left on the boat)
Put alcohol inks on these as well

The words are from the stamp.

it's better to be 
absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely boring 

I have also linked this tag to the Stampendous's blog. the theme for their challenge this month is embossing. you can check out the details at

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Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Journal page

As I normally start - where did the last couple of weeks vanish too.

It was finally time for us to visit the Paralympics for a couple of days last week. The complex and sport was amazing, I have not yet downloaded the photos from the camera yet, but its one of those places you could not have missed recently if you live in the UK.  Saw the closing ceremony on TV, it was worth watching just to admire the steam punk props.  It gave me a lot of great crafting ideas.  If you didn't see it I am sure there will be clips of it on u-tube.  I have been one of those people who looked forward to our Olympic summer and it did not disappoint.  Only now Tally wants to join an athletics club! She is starting with doing a cross country race next weekend.

Last weekend saw not only a busy time for boat trips, we also had a stall at the Local Don Valley Stadium craft show.  Not the busiest show we have sold at, but plenty of time to chat to both new and old customers.

This week we have been proofing the front page of the craft shops new website.  Its looking good, thanks to Sue's amazing design skills.

Since it has made it to bed time far to quickly today I will leave you with one of my journal pages.

The background is sprayed with inks, on one of those days when I just sprayed lots of pages, colours and brands at random (including the Dylusions range). I used a cog mask on this one, again I just pick them out at random.  I chose a set of stamps out of the stash (again with not too much thought) and stamped away. I drew on the dots, flowers and butterflies.  As ever it looks very different up close.  I like this one a lot.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - Tim Holtz

I have now had the August Tag finished for almost a week, I thought it was about time I gave it a slot to upload, like most of you, we try to make time for a little art and crafts everyday, but I never manage to upload to the blog!

This month Tim Holtz did his tag based on a silhouette details can be found here if you want to play along. As normal lots of ideas run through the brain, and we finally end up with the Cricut Machine out, after lots of different images had been cut here is my version of the theme.  I will just add first the hardest bit was trying to explain to Tally what a silhouette is.  Her tag when it is finished will have a great twist and she is now even better at operating the Cricut machine.

I like using bits from the stash so just picked a couple of odd cuts of paper, cut the out the frame using a die and then put it through an embossing folder.  Next I wanted the notes to stand out a bit so I embossed with a black powder.  Then I needed to hide the pink pattern so out came the distress inks. The sax player was cut out in blue, so I went for blue tones, little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I left the background as the original pink paper.

Next, what to put on the side, flowers just didn't look right, so I went back to one of my earlier ideas, took the butterflies cut in a plain grey paper, (will now have to cut some more as I want to use them on another project).

The butterflies then had the distress ink  process, colour added at random from the seasonal range, I had already run them through an embossing folder.  As I am a glitter/gloss girl at heart, they looked a bit flat, so I heat embossed them with clear powder, then did the same to the sax man, he ended up with about three layers on him.

Still not in balance so used the saxophones I had cut out again for a different idea, given the same treatment (a little distress ink and heat embossed in clear). The butterflies and sax I just stapled on, quick and easy.  I do not mind if you can see them, they just become part of the style.

After leaving it for a day added the glass beads, after another day added the beads to the ribbon. Then said to myself time to leave it and walk away (still couldn't decide if to put on words). Another day later still no words and its now up loaded.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

A little water colour

Georgie and I had booked on to a water colour painting intro lesson (a living social offer) from one of our local Artists.  I use water colours a lot on my journal pages, but never really learned the theory behind it, I just mix them up with lots of other media.

The 2 and a half hour lesson was not really long enough but it gave a taste, need to put time aside to do a long course.  The slight problem was, it was the Monday evening after the Busker Boat weekend, so after shaking our tail feathers alittle, we just managed to stay a wake for the theory bit, to enjoy the painting.

My attempt, using the style, of I cannot remember who he said. (I did say I was half a sleep) when I remember I will edit the post.


Thought I would show a few of the backgrounds we did a few weeks ago.

Finally got the Dylusion sprays in stock at the shop, so we just had a good time spraying journal pages, some with new stock and a mixture of old 

This one is 'not all that wander are lost.


This one I doodled while Tally was ice skating on a club session.

These ones waiting for a little attention.

Tally did one the same blue/green colour, in an attempt to represent the Northern Lights, will get her to put her finished page on her Blog.

This one is done with acrylic paints.

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Happy crafting. 

Busker Boat Aug 2012

Its safe to say summer is our busiest time on the boat trips (December is a very close second). this week has lived up to expectations.  This past weekend we had great fun running 'The Busker Boat' part of the Sheftival Festival at Don Valley Stadium (Sheffield), part of the cities Olympic celebrations,  While Tally tried out lots of different sports (for free) we sailed up and around from the moorings at Don Valley to the locks, every hour welcoming one or 2 bands on each cruise. We thank Lee for somehow getting them all to the boat more or less on time with all there equipment, not forgetting his amazing team of volunteers and Alex the sound man.  Below are just a few of the 100 plus photos we took of the weekend.  Hope they do it again next year.

Sorry I can not put names to all the bands, but will attempt to go back in and name a few,

It is amazing how much talent there is in the world.
Tally joined us for a few of the cruises, she now fancies learning how to play the SAW (forget the violin).

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - July

Had lots of fun recently making backgrounds in the journal, we have been spraying inks, including the Dylusion range, which is now in the shop (forgot to take pictures before I downloaded the July tag, so will put it on the list to do).  At the same time I have managed to finish the July tag for Tim Holtz challenge, this month it was using Alcohol inks.

Tim's take was a 4th July celebration (click here to take a look), seeing as its not a festival day in the UK!, I tried to think of a suitable theme none of our saint days fall in July, nor world peace day, so settled on the Olympics.

We went to see the Olympic Torch as it passed through Sheffield.  The first day it was far too crowded to see it close up, so we rose early the next morning to see it as it left the city, which was an inspiration to watch. Tally at school has had an Olympic year including a whole school concert year 3 to 13 were involved based around the Olympic ideals, one of the other students had run with the torch so they had an Olympic Torch part of the concert. So taking on my studies from uni days when we studies the Olympic movement I tried to represent its ideals in words, written on glossy paper with the same colours on it as the rings.  I have not used the Olympic rings, didn't want to be involved in copy write protection so have used just colours and cog stamps.  Looking around for some embellishments, I found lots of free leaflets that I cut up, and a London 2012 keyring bargain at £3 to I could use the mascots Wenlock and  Mandeville.  Go on to the London 2012 website (or youtube) to see the films with the mascots in, if you need an excuse sit with a child and watch. It gives the mascots a story that allows you to believe in them.  You can tell I am one of the people who believe in the Olympic Ideal, looking beyond the commercialism it is still amazing that so many countries can come together in peace.  The torch was borrowed from Tally is was her memory from when it visited the city, the words 'in dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own', was from on of Tim's stamp collections.

The most fun bit was the playing with the Alcohol ink, compressed air can and straw, resulting in lots of giggles and a pile of discarded experiments to use on other projects.

If you mange to catch Olympic fever, there is still tickets available for the Paralympics (starting at £10, discount for children and seniors) we have just managed to get a motel for a very very reasonable rate with  free parking, 4 tube stops from the Olympic village, couldn't believe our luck, it was one of Tally's request for what to do in the school holidays.

Happy crafting and thanks for visiting.


Friday, 29 June 2012

12 tags of 2012 - June

June has been a great month, I have almost finished the Aprils 'To Do List'.  New stock has been coming into the shop including the new colours of the summer seasonal Distress Inks along with the re-inkers.  The e-commerce site is on the May To Do List, really it was on Aprils, but sometimes in Life it is time to learn that everything will take its turn when it is ready.

This month the Tim Holtz challenge tag, (full details can be found on his site here), was to tint a black and white photo, plus a few other techniques for the background.

The item that took the longest was selecting a photo, out came the family photo tin, trying to remember who is who, as the generations who know are no longer there to ask. A few giggles of past memories, then a little time spent at the scanner, turning some of them black and white in the process.  Tinted a few of them, tried different types of photo paper that was on the shelve.  Then another look at more recent photos, put them into a scrapbook programme to turn into black and white, in the end I chose one of Tally, she was not quite 3, in Epcot (Disney) listening to the Japanese Drums, she was just dancing away in her own world.  Notice the lack of shoes, where else in the world can a little one walk around with no shoes on for most of the day, and the adults not have to worry about rubbish and sharp items on the ground.  I intend to use the finished tag as part of a scrapbook page.

I mainly used the summer colours, unusually bright for the Tim Holtz pallet but they make a good addition to the range. picked raspberry, salty ocean, mowed lawn, plus ripe persimmon and vintage photo.

As normal with my photo taking skills you can not read the words, that say 'live life to the beat of your own drum'.  The flowers I coloured with distress ink, then misted them to blend the ink. The tags that are layered below the photo one is just blending the colours the other is using the marbling technique Tim showed with Picked fence distress stain and salty ocean ink pad, I have used my version of the technique a lot on different back grounds. The music patterned paper was originally black and white, I used the same distress colours on it as the rest of the tag.

I put minimal colour back in the photo, using lots of colour around it.

This one made me happy and was great fun to do.

Happy crafting and thank you for visiting.